What is The American Language Institute Temara C@mp?

American Language Institute Temara, the world's premier provider of English language instruction, has launched an exciting new online community linking over 100,000 ESL students and alumni around the world. « The Camp » is a unique virtual community that will allow students to practise their English language skills by chatting online, playing educational games, working trough English language practice exercises, and sharing their experiences with other American Language Institute Temara students and alumni from around the world. It is a truly unique experience at American Language Institute Temara, Morocco.

The launch of the Camp demonstrates how American Language Institute Temara in Temara, Morocco is leading the way in the ESL training industry in developing new tools to help students learn to communicate effectively in English.

« The Camp is another opportunity for students to practice their English in a fun, safe, and nurturing environment » said Joe, Director of Curriculum at American Language Institute Temara, Morocco. Blended learning method has always focused on meeting individual student's educational needs. The Camp is one more example of how students can personalize their educational experience to maximize their real success.

The Camp is only available to current American Language Institute Temara, School of English, students and alumni, creating an exclusive online community filled with people going through the experience of learning English. The camp users can also search for and connect with other students who are at their same learning level.

The Camp social network includes a text chat feature, which allows students to instant message each other in English of course. Students can also participate in educationally targeted structured chats with English speaking community at the American Language Institute Temara staff in Temara School.
Also, the community allows students to create their own personal home pages where they can upload pictures and share their experiences. Every American Language Institute Temara student in Temara, Morocco has its own blog, social calendar, and featured news section. Another feature of the Camp is the discussion boards where students can post information and initiate discussions on a range of topics such as travel and regional cultural information. All posts are done in English, giving students an opportunity to practice their newly acquired English language skills.

The Camp includes hundreds of practice exercises. These exercises are all geared to the student's own learning level. As they develop their mastery of English, they move on to progressively more advanced exercises. Students can complete the activities, play games, or use any of the other Camp features on their schedule. The community is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from any location that has internet access.

Welcome to American Language Institute Temara’s Camp in Temara, Morocco.

The C@mp is the American Language Institute Temara Internet virtual campus/student community.

It will be accessible through the e-American Language Institute Temara platform.

Students can access all services on the C@mp website by entering their personal User Names and password.

Welcome to The C@mp!

Enjoy your visit!